They say you can’t have cheap, fast and good.

They’ve never seen my Copy-to-Go products.  

They say you can’t have cheap, fast, and good.  

They’ve never seen my Copy-To-Go products. 

Worth the financial and time investment 

Even before we got started, I was confident Nikki was the best person for the job. The level of detail she went into with the consult questions and the coordination with my other team members was amazing.

Nikki was so invested in the project and it was clear that she was going to create nothing short of amazing materialI loved her desire to dig deep into our organization to really get a feel for who we are, what we do, and how she could best serve us.

I haven’t worked with too many people that took that much time to REALLY get a feel for our needs. It’s refreshing to find a professional who truly cares about her work and getting the job done right.

I can honestly say I wouldn’t change anything about Nikki's process and services. She was so on point and attentive the whole way through. I’m a tough critic typically, and I really couldn't find anything to criticize. 

Nikki's work is worth the financial and time investment. Just let her create something amazing for you.

Jonathan Daniele

Serenity Oaks Wellness Centers

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Nikki is on top of her game

Nikki is fun, creative, and very enjoyable to work with. She's an excellent collaborator and very on top of her game. And that's why I've hired her again and again.

Harry Hassoun

Corporate Freight Savers