When your email needs are small –

but your conversion needs are big –

Write My Emails – Express meets both those needs


Sometimes you need a small sequence written.
It’s short. But it needs to pull its weight.


Because every touchpoint is an opportunity.
And every micro-commitment is one step closer to a real (read: paid) conversion.

When you’re hosting webinars because those Q+As convert SO well – you need to convince users to siphon off time to get to know your product – and to commit to showing up.

When you’ve got multiple audiences you need to segment them so you can present them relevant offerings – and make each sale that much easier.

When your user is on auto-renew, it’s your obligation to remind them – but it’s your prerogative to remind them how important you are to their quality of life

WME Express was made for short – but critical – sequences like:

Renewal sequences

Webinar show up sequences

Transactional emails

Reengagement sequences

Self-segmenter sequences

(And I’ve written them for brands like Doodle, Glowforge, and SproutSocial.)

What do these sequences have in common?

(And can your email needs fit into WME Express?)

These sequences ask for micro-commitments (not paid conversions)

That means they don’t lean as heavily on research and voice of customer data – rather more on persuasion principles and time tested copywriting practices.
With heavy-duty research out of the picture, I can turn these sequences around fast.

They’re short and sweet (up to 5 emails)

Fewer emails = less time. Another factor for quick turnaround.

Sweat the small sequences

Or, rather: Let me sweat the small sequences

You give me the DL in a detailed questionnaire. What needs to get done. Why. How. And all the background info and research you have.

We hop on a 60-minute Discovery call to dig deep into your product, audience, and landscape.

I write and research and edit and write some more (and edit some more. And um, research some more.) I’ll shoot over a video walkthrough of the final draft – you’ll send back lite revisions within 48 hours.

“Nikki’s emails are a

thing of beauty”

Lisa Pierson
partner, Copyhackers