You’ve read the stats and they’ve got your heart pumping:

Email marketing is hotter than an overhyped IPO.


sweated your life into a great product

built an eager list of users

poured passion into your messaging

lined up sequences, automations, segments


You know things could be better.
And as you eye your numbers…you know things need to get better.

Let’s figure this out.

Let me take a look

at your sequence and I’ll identify weaknesses that are upticking your churn – and opportunities that will uptick your MMR.

Real, actionable recommendations

I’ll chop up your sequence, spread it out across my floor, and
comb through your emails, making sure:

your sequence coaches your user through their journey

your subject lines withstand the archive swipe

your cadence enables helpfulness, loyalty – and sales

your send name instills trust

you’re talking like a human and staying personal

you’re garnering trust with authenticity and transparency

you’ve employed gotta-keep-reading hooks

fluff isn't distracting or disengaging

there’s a clear flow in each email – and throughout the sequence

you’re triggering emails from crucial behaviors

your CTAs are enticing clicks

you’re reducing risk and meeting objections

you make it easy to access links and buttons

you’ve got one clear offer that keeps readers focused -- and clicking

you find that perfect sales balance of trust and push

PLUS: I’ll point out some opportunities you can take advantage of
– like segmentations or urgency.

Increased Sales in 1-2-3

You’ll fill out a brief questionnaire that gets me up to speed with your product and market – so I can assess your sequence against your business’s unique landscape.

You’ll get a detailed, visual report with strategic recommendations for structure, cadence, and copy. I’ll walk you through the report with a quick, easy-to-consume video for each email.

Put a highlighter to that report and we’ll talk things over. In our 30-minute consult, we’ll make sure things are Claritin clear and your team’s got a plan of action.

Change (cha-ching) has never been this easy
You send me your emails,
I send you my recommendations.
Ok, not quite – but my audits are fast and easy.
All I ask is some details about your business and I’ll send over:

a detailed visual report

a clarifying video walkthrough

a detailed visual report

a clarifying video walkthrough

And then we’ll talk things over in a 30-minute live Q+A call.
Clarification, next steps and your team is good to go, go, go!

I’ve spotted opportunities for these guys:

Now it’s your turn:

Strategies I can actually implement

I’ve been to other marketing consultants and they just threw a barrage of ideas at me. It was so overwhelming and made me feel drained. Nikki explained her strategies in a way that made a lot of sense and left me feeling energized and excited.

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