You need survey responses. Choose your survey tool wisely. 

People are busy. (Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard this ad nauseum.)

You need survey responses for great copy.
You need to squeeze 10 seconds out of your customers lives and get those answers.

In three words:
Make. it. easy.

We’ve already talked about catching customers in that gorgeously seducible post-purchase moment.

But even within that seducible moment.
That survey needs to be easy as (frozen pizza) pie.

Which means the survey software you choose is pivotal.
Use a good one. Please.

My favorites?

  • Typeform
  • FourEyes
  • SurveyMonkey

 UPDATE: I’ve fallen in love with Paperform. More on why soon. 

Here’s why:


Typeform is:

  • beautiful (looks modern and sleek)
  • easy (super intuitive building)
  • robust (LOTS of features)

I would be a die hard fan save for one crucial factor.
All Typeform questions solicit responses in a one line bar. Even the long form questions. (That one line bar adjusts to an endless scroll.)

So respondents think you want a short answer.

You get responses like: I wanted to lose weight ( ← generic)

Instead of: I kept crashing my diets because I just couldn’t control myself. I wanted to have treats around for my grandkids but I kept eating them myself. I needed some sort of exterior willpower. (← emotional + authentic)

So why is Typeform on my list?
That endless scroll makes it hard to self-edit.
So you get really authentic language.
Not something edited. (Exterior willpower isn’t a thing.)

The takeaway: Test it out. If you’re getting short answers, switch tools. If you’re getting long rambly answers, stick with Typeform.


Paperform << that link’s an affiliate link. That’s how much I love Paperform :D

Everything I love about Typeform? Like… being able to embed on your site… integrating with your ESP to tag prospects or trigger an automation… flow logic… all that cool robust stuff? Paperform does it too. 

But! Paperform isn’t just forms. They say they’re “landing forms.” As in, a marriage between a landing page and a form. You can make headlines, add photos, style everything until it looks all pretty and nice – and has enough info for everyone. 

Plus: You can even add products and a checkout! 

It’s just an elevated experience for your respondent. And you know what that means… more, better answers! 


FourEyes is also beautiful, easy, and robust. An ensie bit less sleek, but only in side-by-side comparison.

FourEyes has got some crazy powerful reporting and data mining. But those are limited on open ended responses – which is what you’re sending out.

I like to use FourEyes on segments that I think will self edit. Drug rehab, weight loss products, anger management classes – any industry that has guilt or self doubt baked in to the decision making process.



Full disclosure: I haven’t used SurveyMonkey since I ran a college poll on popular cookie types. (Chocolate chip – by a landslide.)

But, SurveyMonkey has a feature that’s SUPER for copy surveys: word clouds.
I may just drag myself from FourEyes for this one feature.

No more combing through and counting every instance of “simple” and “easy” and calculating which word wins. The word cloud shows you visually – in a snap.

Let me know which tool you choose?