How to stay sane with your kids home all day

On-demand webinar by Nikki Elbaz, homeschooling mom + owner of a consulting business that services multi-million dollar companies

Are things crazy right now or what?

As a homeschooling mom (who also works!), I spend all day, every day with my kids and I know it can be crazy hard.

  • To get the laundry folded and food on the table
  • To keep siblings from tearing each others’ eyes out
  • To not binge on the secret chocolate stash while the kids bang down your locked door

^^ this was me at the beginning of our homeschooling journey ^^

No matter how many amazing ideas I pinned on Pinterest.
No matter how many color coded schedules I created.
No matter how many deep breaths we (all!) took.

But slowly, slowly, we got this down pat.

I don’t have cleaning help.
We don’t do screen time.
I run a business on top of everything.

But we’re calm. We learn. We laugh.
And I love it!

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This is NOT just another resource to help you pry your kids away from the screen. This isn’t just tips and ideas to occupy the kids. This is my day-to-day approach that empowers your kids tap into their creativity – so you ALL thrive (and get work done).

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