“Nikki is one of the most courageous copywriters you will ever meet”

Joanna Wiebe, founder
Copyhackers +
Copyhackers Agency

“Nikki is one of the most courageous copywriters you will ever meet”

Joanna Wiebe, founder
Copyhackers +
Copyhackers Agency

I know what you’re thinking.

I don’t need spiders killed. I need emails written. What in lion’s mane does courage have to do with anything?

Fear not, dear founder. I’ll explain.


Let’s play make believe for a minute

(sans fairy wings, don’t worry)

Pretend you’re at a board meeting. The ad team is presenting the quarter’s campaign – and they want your approval.

Feel the leather armrests on your swivel chair… smell the Nespresso… hear the murmured pre-meeting chit chat.

You there?


With a swish, Creative Director pulls the curtain off the mockup. (He’s a bit old fashioned like that).

This is the ad propped underneath:

I don’t know about you,
but my heart would skip a beat.

Sure, we know NOW that VW’s Lemon did fabulously well.

And so did Think Small obviously…

and They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano…

and Do You Have the Courage to Earn Half a Million Dollars a Year…

and all the other crazy converting ads that made the Copy Greats famous (and rich).

But on the other side of the fence – at proposal stage? The ads were just plain risky.

They picked a fight. Exhorted disbelief. Violated expectations.

So while they had the potential to get noticed – and get results – they also danced on the edge of angering and alienating the American public.

Scary stuff.

Even scarier?

That sword’s edge dance is the only way to break the glass ceiling. 

And it takes one thing to whirl through that ceiling breaking choreography:

Yep, courage.



So when it comes to your email needs, it comes down to this:

you can’t afford to play it safe

If your team’s been Slacking about one of these sequences in #email-marketing…

FANT (Free account to trial) onboarding sequences

TTP (trial to paid) or TTS (trial to subscriber) onboarding sequences

Winback sequences

Promotional sequences (Black Friday, anniversary, etc.)

Cold email/SDR sequences

…then you won’t get the results you need with a pretty Funnelytics map and fill-in-the-blank email templates.

Like the results I got for these guys:

But just because I take risks doesn’t mean you have to…

Picking a fight is messy, scary, risky –
and could be crazy effective.
Let’s make it for-sure effective.
Let’s take the risk out of risky copy with guaranteed conversions.

Yep. I guarantee conversions. Just another way I play with fire.

But really a way for me to thank you for taking the leap.

Because it’s not easy seeing copy that makes you squirm… and then sending it out to your entire list. 

So during our proposal stage, we’ll agree upon reasonable and possible KPIs. If we don’t hit the KPIs within 90 days of shipping, optimization is on me – until we hit those KPIs

But…I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this: 

Performance is based, not just on the copy, but on 2 other things: 


Your List

Your Offer

I have gotten killer conversions despite spam-filled, cold lists. And I’ve also gotten uppity upticks in upgrades for a product with high-friction onboarding and subpar UX. 

But I can’t guarantee conversions if I determine that your list or offer are impeding the copy’s ability to perform.

So here are some criteria to be eligible for a guarantee:

We need to receive at least 99 survey responses

We must interview at least 7 of your ideal customers (and yes, we’ll help you make this happen)

We must input the copy into your ESP/CRM ourselves – or approve your team’s implementation (that means no softening up the risky but high-potential copy)

The emails must go out according to the recommended schedule/behavioral triggers (again, no softening up the risky but high-potential cadence)

In the case of designed emails, we must design the emails – or approve your team’s designs

Good news: All the above criteria come gratis with Write My Emails.
So if all goes as planned – even if the copy is over the moon crazy – you get guaranteed conversions.

Takes the edge off edgy, eh?

Can you write my $equence, Nikki? >

You read that right.
You need a $equence,
not a sequence.

Let’s talk results for a second. Because it’s one thing to talk about risky copy being THE thing. And it’s another to show it. 


I could boast about a 74.3% open rate or a 41% click-through rate (to cold lists no less). But where’s the money in that? 

So instead, I’ll tell you about these money-related results: 

64% increase in paid conversions for a scheduling SaaS

$20,000 launch to a cold list of 200

30% increase in sales for a retail ecomm brand

Guess what all these sequences had in common?

Yup. They were different than anything the audience usually sees.

Because when you skip the courage,
you end up with a sequence.
Not a $equence.

P.S. I can also kill spiders. Add it to your project for only 7 trillion USD.