Struggling to survive every hour of the day in the face of unprecedented school closures?


What if the way to cut the “I’m bored!” and “I’m hungry!” and “MOMMMMMEEEEE!!!!!”
didn’t require 4,972 Pinned mommy blogs, hour-by-hour color coded schedules, or enough screen time to require a private server?

The secret to a calm home where your kids don’t need you every 3rd millisecond

Let’s be real.

You’re not trying to replace the full March-April curriculum here.
You’re not even trying to get through the day with a floor that shines like the top of the Chrysler building.

And after investing serious time into engaging, educational activities, you’ve earned the right to nip to the bathroom without the background music of “WHERE ARE YOU???? I NEED TO EAT! RIGHT NOW!”

Help with cleanup shouldn’t be the stuff of Mary Poppins.
“I’m bored!!!” shouldn’t be the most frequently uttered words in your home.

And the constant whining and grumbles and fighting should be replaced with smiling, playful children who just last week would’ve given an arm and a leg for this newfound freedom.

The 4 reasons
you’re getting nothing done,
the days are endless,
and your kids are still cranky and bored

You’re stuck in school mode
Structure sounds wonderful – and you know your kids need it. But home is not school. And even homeschoolers aren’t stuck inside alone all day.
If you’re going to survive this, you need to reassess what’s working in your schedule – relax some rules and live outside the box.

You’re deciding for your kids
You are the authority. You should be in charge. But if you’re giving them everything, they’ll never feel safe enough to go off on “their own.” So you’ll keep meeting their demands… and they’ll keep feeling unfulfilled.

You’re overwhelmed
Duh, right? But when you can’t focus on the kids, they feel it. And worse, when you do focus on them physically, but not mentally… they still feel it. They need you to drop everything… no easy feat.

You think you just need more self care
Stuffing down chocolate while they bang down the door doesn’t help. But when your kids start feeling safe and confident – they’ll give you space… which gives you energy… which is the best kind of self care there is.

The good news is that millions of families are happily home with their kids all year round.
The even better news is that you’re a loving parent and your kids are good kids.

If you’ve made it this far, you know that all the worksheets and crafts in the world won’t move your kids from boredom to freedom.
And you know that if you can just move your kids out of bored mode, you’ll be able to survive this school closure.

But what you probably don’t know is that when you give your kids the safety to explore and self-direct their time:

You’ll turn this anxious, frustrating period of time into an amazing period of time.

Where you’ll bond and grow as a family. Where you’ll explore and laugh and learn. That they’ll remember all starry eyed in years to come.

Yes, that’s really in your reach.
Whether you love getting on the floor to make massive Lego structures or you hate the very fiber of those tiny foot injuring pieces.
Whether you have 1 kid or 10.
Whether you’re working from home or working on housework

But. Getting there does depend on your willingness to redefine what structure and guidance mean to your child.

But before we get into that, it’s high time I introduced myself:

I’m Nikki, homeschooling mom of three, and owner of a consulting business that services multi-million dollar companies.

I started our homeschooling journey armed with enough activities to make a mommy blogger jealous… but quickly realized that’s not the way to keep the kids occupied (or me from tearing my hair out).

We’re living across the world from our families… I don’t have cleaning help… my business is very demanding. I don’t have the energy and headspace to sit with my kids, doing workbooks all day long.

And yet, they’re happy, learning, and thriving.

I know soooooo deeply that if I can do this, you can too.

Which is why I’m really excited to introduce you to:

The program I just built specifically to support and guide your family through this period of uncertainty and chaos.

To help your children tap into their innate creativity.

To help you turn this into an opportunity to explore their world with a different lens.


The 3 ways I’ll hold your hand
through this craziness:

high-impact, "easy to consume while the kids are about" video trainings – breaking down exactly how to foster your children's learning independence... and navigate their resistance

45-minute Q+As that will help you apply the theories and tactics to your unique family and circumstances. Because no family is the same. And parenting is HARD.

active, virtual community to share resources, explore ideas – and vent, of course. And to motivate you to actually do the work :)

What will the trainings cover?
1. Color-coded schedules are useless – this kind of structure is priceless
2. How to run activities that don’t end in hair pulling (you)
3. Setting up your home for success (even when the stores are empty)
4. Because I said so! Wielding your authority to create happier days
5. How to recoup from the bad bad days (and faster)
This is the stuff that will keep them entertained, happy, exploring and enjoying. And you… well, you get to grab a nap, fold laundry, and answer emails. #smallwins
You’re going to watch them because:
I cut all the fluff and made sure that each video is under 20 minutes. Because you don’t have time to listen to me repeat what I just said 5 minutes ago. Because you don’t have time to listen to me… sorry, I’ll stop.
And you’re going to succeed with implementation because:
I’ll space out the trainings so you have time to pickle in the ideas… try them out… try them out again… and make them a part of your routine.

I set up the community in Slack because – unlike Facebook – Slack is ORGANIZED. So you can find exactly what you need – and ignore what isn’t relevant. Like say, toddler activities, when you’ve got a 7th grader.

Unlike WhatsApp, you can open resources and save links – without emailing them to yourself first.

And… if you’re shy, you can use a pen name.

Communities that are set up well help you:

  • get your questions answered,
    find resources,
  • clarify exactly what you should be doing,
  • vent less and celebrate more
  • make the changes and do. the. work.

 PLUS: Get a handle on your emotions with bonus masterclass by
Nechama Finkelstein of Moodmakers: 

Nechama is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who’s trained under some of the most recognized professionals in the mental health field – like Dr. Adam Payne, Edna Foa, and Esther Deblinger.
Nechama specializes in helping moms manage their moods… which… is exactly what we need now, am’iright?
She’s also wickedly funny and super smiley – your mood will perk up just by listening to her speak.

 Let’s do some quick budgeting, yes?
5 trainings ($200 value)
3 Q+As ($90 value)
A virtual community (priceless!)
1 bonus masterclass ($70 value)
(Yes, people do pay me this much… actually, MUCH more… for my other courses and products.) 

$360 of value for…


About what it takes to fill up your tank.
And you’re not going anywhere these days are you?

Move that extra gas budget into your health and happiness budget and enroll now.

Still till not sure? Decide later with my
7-day Money-back Sanity Guarantee

I made this program for YOU. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to say YES to the help you need in this crazy time.

Take 7 days to listen to the available trainings, find resources in the Slack community, and ask your questions in the Q+A.
And if your kids are still fighting non-stop… if you’re still stuck gluing pipe cleaners for them… if you’re still getting NOTHING done… if your brain still feels the way your hurricane house looks…

then I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked. No grudges either.


The Home Front is perfect for you if:

You’ve never homeschooled before and have no idea what you’re doing
You’ve been printing worksheets, making homemade bubbles, pulling out the yoga mats… and they’re still bored
You’re familiar with positive discipline techniques and child empowerment
You recognize that this is a unique opportunity to bond as a family – if you can just keep the spaghetti off the walls
You’re aware that this point in time will be highly memorable – for better or for worse
You’re excited to watch your child bloom in confidence and creativity
You’re desperate for some time to get things done – and for some mental headspace
You feel confident knowing you can try this out for 7 days and get your money back if it’s still not working=

By now you know that the way to cut the fighting and chaos is not by frantically printing worksheets or prepping messy multi-step projects.

By now, you know that the way to keep your children happy – and yourself sane – is to empower your child to self-direct.
If you’re going to survive these next few weeks of uncertainty and limited activity, you know they need the space to thrive and explore – so you have the space to get things done… and breathe.

If you’re..

dashing from child to chore to child to chore…
If your home looks like a war zone by 9:15 am…
If your brain is on constant, high-alert and breathing does NOTHING…
If you’re worried they won’t talk to each other (or you) when they grow up…

…then I look forward to supporting you in

The Home Front.


Many moms will say no to this help. 


Arm themselves with coffee cups and “educational” videos…
Drag themselves through every painful minute…
Praying for the day the schools will reopen their doors…
And tuck this period of time away into the “traumatized, don’t go there” part of their brain.
But with 7 days to try this new method out – wouldn’t you rather see what it’s like to thrive? Isn’t it time you enjoyed this time with your family?
You’ve created some amazing moments, but you’re smart enough to know that you need more than moments to make this work.

This is your invitation to drop the martyrdom – accept some help – and be your family’s hero.