Thinking of hiring me to write your emails? 

Test drive a sequence now and see:

  • which other smart companies hired me
  • what kinds of results I’ve gotten for them 
  • how we can work together 

Nikki, I’m already sold. How do we work together?

“Nikki’s emails are a

thing of beauty”

Lisa Pierson
Partner + Head of Operations, Copyhackers Agency


“After I signed up for your course, I said to myself, so that’s what a good copywriter is: someone who can get me to
spend $800 after thinking about it for about three minutes!
Thanks for this tremendous opportunity.”

Ruchama Schnaidman
B2B Copywriter


“How do I know Nikki’s a remarkably persuasive copywriter? Not just because of the killer nurturing sequence she wrote for me. But because she did the unthinkable: she convinced me cold email can work. Lemme explain. In a single cold email to me, Nikki not only got me to open the email, hooked me from the first sentence and kept me reading throughout – but she also sold me in that very email on a $12,000 engagement to write emails I hadn’t even thought I’d needed prior to her cold email. If she can get a skeptical veteran copywriter – who knows all the tricks – to pony up five figures with a single cold email, imagine how her emails could sell less expensive products and services to people who are actually warm leads.”

Joanna WiebeFounder, Copyhackers


” The emails you sent were really powerful.
When I saw your emails, I was like:
I’m sold! 

Grabbing people, knowing how to get under our skin – in areas where it hurts, where it feels most raw. Your emails were the final clincher.”

Elisheva Maline
Founder, EmunaDate

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