Increase open, click-through, and conversion rates with simple (but potent) email audits

You’ve read the stats and they get your heart pumping: email marketing is hotter than a Shark Tank deal.


* built an eager list and a great product
* poured passion into your messages
* lined up sequences, automations, segments (<– the works)


Things could be better.
Things could be a LOT better.

Open rates.
Click-through rates.
Heck, you’d love to get some responses every month or so.

And sales. More sales would be more than good.

Let’s figure this out.

Let me take a look
at your sequence and I’ll identify weaknesses that are costing you sales and opportunities that will increase customer loyalty.
Increased sales in 1-2-3




Info gathering

You’ll fill out a brief questionnaire that gets me up to speed with your product and list — so I can assess your sequence against your business’s unique landscape. 

Video review

Within 10 days, you’ll get a 45-60 min video (full transcript included) reviewing your sequence.
PLUS: I’ll throw in some compelling new copy for the weakest section. All nicely packaged in a DropBox folder.

Live Q+A

Put a highlighter to that transcript and we’ll talk things over. In our 30-minute consult, we’ll make sure things are Claritin clear and you’ve got a plan of action.

Real, actionable revisions

I’ll run through your emails and make sure:


  • *Your subject line withstands the archive swipe
  • *Your send name is trustworthy
  • *You’re staying personal and authentic
  • *You’ve employed a gotta-keep-reading hook
  • *There’s a clear flow in each email — and throughout the sequence
  • *Your links are click-worthy
  • *You’re reducing risk and meeting objections
  • *You make it easy to access links
  • *You’ve got one clear offer that keeps readers focused — and clicking
  • *You find that perfect sales balance of trust and push
  • PLUS: I’ll point out some opportunities you can take advantage of — like segmentations or giveaways. 
Change has never been this easy
You send me your emails, I send you my recommendations. Ta da!
Ok, not quite, but my audits are fast and easy. All I ask from you is some details about your business, and I’ll send over:
* a detailed, actionable video
* the complete transcript
* new copy for one key area of your sequence

Then we’ll talk things over in a 30-minute live Q+A call. Clarification, next steps, and you’re good to go, go, go!

Strategies I can actually implement

I’ve been to other marketing consultants, and they just threw a barrage of ideas at me. It was so overwhelming and made me feel drained. Nikki explained her strategies in a way that made a lot of sense and left me feeling energized and excited. Henchie Weinreb