Get Step 1 of ‘Optimize Copy’ done in just 7 minutes 

There’s a reason ‘Optimize Copy’ has sat on your Trello To Do board for this long.

  It’s not like you can type up some shiny words and watch the conversions tick upwards. And even hiring someone to do the work for you is a…process.   There’s research. Lots and lots of research.   Even after you’ve finally found a rare copywriter you love, a copywriter who’s:

  • quick on the uptake << s/he gets your product and target
  • a total nerd about data << s/he’ll actually increase conversions
  • responsive and timely << you’re not left wondering when…or if…

…you know it’ll be weeks until your fresh, new copy is being consumed (and clicked on) by prospects.   You wish you could shorten the process – but you know each stage is important. You wish you could start the work now – but you know good copywriters get booked early. You wish you could just do it yourself – but you know you don’t have skills.   Well, my friend, you can.

  • Shorten the process.
  • Start the work now.
  • Do something yourself.
Say hello to the copywriter approved Voice of Customer data survey
Any copywriter worth her salt starts with a customer survey. But not any old customer survey. A Voice of Customer data survey.

  • Strategic questions
  • Long form answers
  • Targeted respondents

But why wait for your copywriter to send it out…and then wait for responses too? Swipe my survey questions, copy them into your survey platform, send ’em off to your customers and voila: Copywriter approved data s/he can dig right into –as soon as you hit your project start date. 

Gain insights. Establish trust. Shorten timelines.  

Nikki has a calculation for everything — down to the order of your bullet points. She’s confident in her approach, explains everything, and backs up her thoughts. It’s awesome. Yakir Markowitz

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