I’m in a weird twilight zone.

I’m subscribed to WAY fewer lists than I was just 2 weeks ago.

Because I just deleted an old email address.

One with an inbox stuffed with newsletters and promos and lots of unread-will-read-this-laters.

It’s oddly refreshing to look at allllll those lists and see which actually give value.

These are those golden few –
the ones that don’t just consistently get my opens and clicks –
but the ones that I’ll actively go and sign up for again.


(In alphabetical order) 

Content Bistro

Prerna is a whiz of a copywriter. And by whiz I mean, wicked fast and wicked good.
Plus, she just started a 30-day email challenge that’s both fun and actionable.



Adii sends out short videos that keep me up to date on ecomm trends.


Copy Hackers

If I need to explain this one, you’re in the wrong place.






After Copy Hackers, Drift is my fave. That’s high praise.


From Scratch

I’ll be honest, many copywriter lists get old fast. Watered down persuasion principles I learned in ad school. Reruns of Copy Hackers posts. Not so Sabine’s emails. She’s robust in topic coverage and deep in approach. BONUS: She actually emails consistently.  


Forget the Funnel

Amazing workshops by very cool people.



If you haven’t been joining Talia’s weekly CRO workshops, you should. Gold.

Hannah Shamji

Conversion copywriter + counsellor* = spot on interview tactics
*Forgive the funny spelling, she’s Canadian. #nuffsaid


I Will Teach You To Be Rich

If you’re in online business, this list is kinda a prerequisite.


Joel Klettke
Gotta love a guy who turns an experiment into a Ted talk. Seriously creative thinking. 


Kirsty Fanton

Another laugh-inducing copywriter – but also an awe inspiring one. There’s a touch of magic to these emails.



Great ecomm content.


Kriss Did It

Haven’t heard much from her lately (wedding+baby can do that to you), but she has a great spirit.



They’re doing some cool stuff with Copy Hackers lately.


Marie Forleo

Required if you’re a female entrepreneur.


Michal Eisikowitz

Great stuff for productivity and other biz owner stuff.


Paul Jarvis

When I need a reality check, Paul’s the man.


Persuasion Revolution

Bushra sends multiple emails daily so it gets super overwhelming.
But they’re great swipes, so they get filtered straight into a folder.


Pretty Fly Copywriting

Always good for a laugh.


Punchline Copy

Another funny + actionable copy list.



Such good stuff. Funny, fun, and oh so brilliant.


Ryan Schwartz

Still holding out for emails from Ry. C’mon, Ry, please?



Super stuff on customer acquisition/retention.


Sophia Dagnon

Really smart copy tips.


Stacking the Bricks

New addition, but they came on good recommendation.


Sway Copy

Josh’s list is very reader focused. You can really have a voice – and get tailored content.


Tarzan Kay

Because it’s such fun to see what she’s up to.


The Impact Copywriter

Paige is my personal inspiration for 2019. 🙂


Traffic is Currency

He led a GREAT summit so he’s in my good book. Waiting to see what’s up next.


Val Geisler

Another 2019 inspiration.


Wait But Why

It’s a rare list that’s both legit inspirational and laugh out loud.



Great, fun marketing content.

Did I miss anyone’s I should join?
Who’s on your MUST read email list?
(Eh hem, aside from…my list ;). )