Not boring.  

Book me for workshops and talks your audience will thank you for.

People are still talking about Nikki’s training and how insightful it was.

Her attention to detail, her experience and her passion for in-depth customer research, is what made her presentation so actionable and successful.

If you have a chance to work with her, don’t miss it!”

Talia Wolf, Founder GetUplift

She gives more in a free presentation than many do in their paid 

Nikki truly gets smart, ethical business and she gives more in a free presentation than many do in their paid. 

Roland Fisher

Easy to implement

Your creative copy presentation was like putting on 3-D glasses and seeing the pictures pop out. Now that I can see the formulas and rules, it’s easy to see how I can implement them. Alisa Avruch

Pick a topic, any topic
* How to talk so customers will talk and talk so customers will buy: The how and why of customer interviews

* Every businessperson is a salesperson: how to write copy if you’re not a copywriter

* What does your audience want to hear: let’s talk, I’m flexible

Anyone can talk a big game.
My audience sees results.
Results like:

  • 20% salary raise
  • 400% price increase
  • Confidence to go freelance full-time


Measurable effect on my business 

The main growth-inhibitor for my business over the past 13 years has been my freelancer mindset. Listening to you spell out the difference between a freelancer and a business owner caused a tremendous shift in my mind. And that has had a measurable effect on the way I run my business now. Shoshana Schmell

So much clarity and direction

So professional. So knowledgeable and NICE! I learned a ton and gained so much. I have so much clarity and direction. Thank you, thank you! Elisheva Maline

I have context

I learned a lot that I knew way back when I first started my copy journey and never really put into practice…never learned properly in the first place. Now I have more of a context, and can use these things more purposefully. Dina Gaines

Let’s talk about your talk

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