Get your site selling 


Fix the costly leaks in your site with my
quick, strategic website audit

You thought creating a product was hard. (It was.)

Then you tried to sell it. (Gulp.) You

• built a gorgeous site
• dropped a small fortune on SEO
• solicited ratings and reviews

But site visitors aren’t checking out.

You know prospects would buy if they only knew how good your product was. But you’re not sure why they don’t read on. Why they bounce like polybutadiene.

Forget the guessing game
I’ll show you how to improve the buying experience and get more sales from your site.
Increased sales in 1-2-3




Info gathering

You’ll fill out a brief questionnaire that gets me up to speed with your product and market – so I can assess your site against your business’s unique landscape. 

Video review

Within 10 days, you’ll get a 45-60 min video (full transcript included) reviewing your top 3 pages.

PLUS: I’ll throw in some compelling new copy for the weakest section. All nicely packaged in a DropBox folder.

Live Q+A

Put a highlighter to that transcript and we’ll talk things over. In our 30-minute consult, we’ll make sure things are Claritin clear and you’ve got a plan of action.

Real, actionable revisions

I’ll run through your site and make sure:


    • * Those crucial, first 5-seconds are pulling their weight
    • * You’re helping prospects see their future — only with your product
    • * Your site’s easy on the eyes — and the brain
    • * Visitors aren’t lost in the options
    • * You’re addressing the right people (← the ones who’ll stick around)
    • * What’s important looks it
    • * Navigation is duh-worthy
    • * Messaging has flow and hierarchy
    • * Things are visually and verbally on-brand
    • * Your buttons are click-worthy
    • * You’re reducing risk and meeting objections  
    • * You’re employing persuasion principles
    • * You find that elusive balance of trust and push
    • * You’re making the purchase pie easy

    PLUS: I’ll point out some opportunities you can take advantage of – like implementing live chat or increasing scarcity.

Copy doesn’t exist in a bubble
Sure I’m biased and think copy’s the best thing to happen to capitalism, but I’m not totally unrealistic. There’s UX, CRO, SEO, and a host of other abbreviations that play into your site’s success. Luckily, I take all that into account.

Plus: I’ve got education + experience in both branding and design. So I won’t just parrot some blog articles you could pull up yourself.

Change has never been
this easy
You send me your site, I send you my recommendations. Ta da! Ok, not quite, but my audits are fast and easy. All I ask from you is some details about your business, and I’ll send over:

  • a detailed, actionable video
  • the complete transcript
  • new copy for one key area of your sequence

Then we’ll talk things over in a 30-minute live Q+A call. Clarification, next steps, and you’re good to go, go, go!

Strategies I can actually implement

I’ve been to other marketing consultants, and they just threw a barrage of ideas at me. It was so overwhelming and made me feel drained. Nikki explained her strategies in a way that made a lot of sense and left me feeling energized and excited. Henchie Weinreb