Get instant, effective copy with my customer interview package

You know you need good copy

And you know the best copy comes from your customers’ own mouths.

So you know you need to set up some customer interviews.  

You could run the interviews yourself and
• worry they won’t be honest with you
• procrastinate because you’re intimidated
• push off other critical tasks on your plate
You can put your secretary on the task and 
• hope she’s asking the right questions
• wonder if she’s annoying customers
• pray she’s not feeding them answers
Or you can hire me because I 
• ask the right questions
• listens to the real answers
• provide gentle prompts
• ensure emotional safety
• motivate vulnerable sharing
• understand what makes good copy (and what doesn’t) 
• foster brand loyalty
Compelling insights in 1-2-3




Give me some background We’ll schedule a 60-minute call that gets me up to speed with your product and market – so I come prepared to the interviews.

Schedule the interviewsYou’ll book a week intensive and line up your customers. I’ll chat with them on record and learn what makes them buy buy buy.

Optimize your copyYou’ll get the recorded calls and transcripts within 72 business hours of the last interview.
PLUS: I’ll highlight the most intriguing or repeated insights so you can swipe the copy and immediately optimize your existing materials. 

I’ve been to other marketing consultants, and they just threw a barrage of ideas at me. It was so overwhelming and made me feel drained. Nikki explained her strategies in a way that made a lot of sense and left me feeling energized and excited.

Henchie Weinreb